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3 Simple Food Swaps

Eating healthier can be as simple as making a few healthy food substitutions. Swap zucchini noodles for pasta, or fruit and chia spread for store-bought jam.Fall marks a time for change, making health

Lower Back Pain: What's Got Researchers Walking?

There are a number of products, programs, and services out there that are designed to help manage back pain, but getting out and walking may be as effective.Working in an office all day, one of my big

#2013alive: Start Right by Eating a Balanced Breakfast Every Day

Week 1 of #2013alive focuses on eating breakfast every day. Tell us how you’re going to do it!Welcome to week 1 of our 12 Months of Wellness!My challengeThis week is all about eating a balanced breakf

The Best Ingredients for Ageing Skin

Every day we shed thousands of skin cells. Give your body the nutritional and antioxidant support it needs to replenish your skin for a healthier, more youthful look from head to toe.The importance of

Men's Skin Care Spotlight: Orange Peel

Learn about why the common ingredient orange peel is growing in popularity for men’s skin care products.It’s our second installment of our blog posts series showcasing three of the top skin care ingre

Empowerment Through Charity Challenge Events

Cancer survivors who take part in a charity fundraising challenge, such as a cancer ride, test their physical and mental resources - and regain control of their lives.From spring to fall, calendars ar

#2013alive: How Are We Cutting Out the Bad?

We asked alive staff members what bad foods they’re giving up in 2013.It’s week 2 of our 12 Months of Wellness, which focuses on cutting out the bad (read: ditching the sugar-laden soft drinks and tra

Bike to Work Week in Metro Vancouver: Oct. 29 to Nov....

HUB Cycling Connection is organizing a week-long cycling event to get people to commute on their bikes.October 29 to November 2 is Bike to Work Week in Metro Vancouver. Organized by HUB: Your Cycling

Edible Insects

Although many North Americans find the idea of eating bugs gross, edible insects are a nutritious and environmental choice.While many people in North America and Europe may find the idea of edible ins

Revive in Five Week Five – Take a Hike

No, really, take a hike! Or go for a walk or head out on your bike because, for our fifth and final week of the CHFA’s Revive in Five, we’re headed outside!For week 5 of the Canadian Health Food Assoc

Vitamin D & Breast Cancer

Strong evidence supports the connection between vitamin D deficiency and cancer development.Vitamin D is becoming quite well known for its role in protecting against cancer. Indeed, this vitamin has b

Genetically Engineered Foods

What does the future of genetic engineering have in store for consumers? It’s been 15 years since the first genetically engineered crop, a herbicide-tolerant canola, was approved in CanadaWhat d

Wake Up on the Right Side

What position do you find most comfortable for sleeping? Some sleeping positions are healthier than others, and some can be harmful.Most of us know that a solid night’s sleep is crucial when it comes

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The dry, itchy flakes are embarrassing, but they’re not contagious. However, they can be difficult to treat. Changing your hair products, adding vitamins or supplements to your diet or using natural a

Now You See Them … Now You Don't

A strange fungus called white nose syndrome is wiping out little brown bat colonies across North America. The declining bat population has serious consequences for humans.The mysterious, nocturnal hab

What's Killing Old Trees?

Researchers are documenting the rapid death of old trees all around the world. Trees provide us with so many benefits., we need to solve this scientific mystery.We live in a period of rapid environmen

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