#2013alive: After a Successful First Month, We Look Ahead to Month 2!


#2013alive: After a Successful First Month, We Look Ahead to Month 2!

It’s the end of our first month – of 12 Months of Wellness. Let’s recap what we’ve done so far … and take a peek at what’s coming in our 2nd month of wellness.

Well, we’ve come to the end of the first month of our 12 Months of Wellness. Over the last month, we’ve covered a lot of ground, so let’s recap first … and then get ready for month 2!

We’ve come a long way!

During January we talked all about nutrition and how we can incorporate easy ways to improve our daily intake of good health.

January—Week 1: We started right by eating a balanced breakfast each day.

January—Week 2: We cut out the bad by avoiding soft drinks and trans fats.

January—Week 3: We added the good by including greens, fibre, and omega-3s in our diet.

January—Week 4: We got some help … in the form of supplements, that is.

January—Week 5: We planned ahead by practicing meal planning.

We planned—and executed!

Last week, during our week of meal planning tips, we heard from some of the alive staff who shared their own ideas about how to take the fuss out of making meals during the hectic week by

  • making a plan—day by day or just a general plan for the coming week
  • thinking about all the meals coming up, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • devising a plan to use leftovers
  • doing inventory and then shopping ahead for all the basics—plus specific items for the days ahead
  • creating the foundations for healthy meals for the coming week

Coming up—Create healthy family ties

Month 2, the month of Valentine’s Day and love, we’ll be looking at the relationships we share with those nearest and dearest to us: our family. These relationships have a huge influence on our health—and on the health of our loved ones.

February—Week 1: We’ll be showing our love by letting our loved ones know we care.

February—Week 2: We’ll be breaking bread together by setting a number of times a week to eat a chosen meal together.

February—Week 3: We’ll be letting it go—resolving to let the little things go every day.

February—Week 4: We’ll be reconnecting with a loved one by doing something special with someone we haven’t seen for a while.

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