#2013alive: Are you a Clutter Combatant?


#2013alive: Are you a Clutter Combatant?

It’s week 4, month 5 of our 12 Months of Wellness and it’s time to check in with our alive staff – how do we combat incoming clutter?

For our last week for May’s 12 Months of Wellness, we’re tackling clutter head-on by reducing the amount of incoming clutter that sneaks into our cupboards, drawers and desks.

This final component to May’s clutter crackdown  may not turn our living spaces into spotless show homes, but will, at least, make it easier to carry out that frantic, 10-minute tidy that seems to inevitably take place when a friend announces that they’d like to come over. So, how do the staff here at alive combat the clutter? Here’s what they say:

Amanda Pentland, Graphic Designer: As a part of trying to reduce clutter in my home, I bring reusable bags with me for my groceries. I also tend to go through my closet once every two months to take clothing to a local second hand store.

Finally, I avoid taking pamphlets and or brochures; instead, I jot down a website or email address in my phone to avoid excess paper pile-ups.

Isabela Vera, Editorial Intern: I find that having accessible recycling bins really helps! Chucking paper waste into the garbage can makes me feel incredibly guilty, so if there isn’t a recycling bin around, I’ll put off dealing with it and I will just let it all pile up on my desk­. Even having small bins around the house that get emptied into a bigger recycling bin once a week is a good way to make sure that clutter finds its way out quickly.

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Are you keeping on track of this month’s clutter crackdown? Download our May goal sheet if you need a hand (just remember to recycle it afterward)!


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