#2013alive: Be an Eco-Savvy Shopper


#2013alive: Be an Eco-Savvy Shopper

It’s week 3, month 7 of our 12 Months of Wellness journey, and this week we’re choosing products with less packaging.

This week for July’s 12 Months of Wellness, we\’re taking a look at eco-savvy shopping—and how choosing products with less packaging can save both money and the environment.

Individually cellophane-wrapped bananas on Styrofoam trays? No, thank you.

Believe it or not, that was how a popular supermarket chain once attempted to sell Mother Nature’s already perfectly packaged fruit. Thankfully, consumers knew better. The brand was bombarded with backlash, and they promised that it wouldn’t happen again—proof that eco-savvy shopping habits can really make a difference!

Reasons to reduce

Reducing the amount of packaging we buy can have a big impact on the environment, as the majority of packaging waste goes straight to the landfill, where it can take decades to break down. Producing the packaging in the first place also uses energy and resources, so even if packaging is recyclable, it doesn’t mean it’s totally eco-friendly.

Packaging is also expensive to produce, transport, and dispose of. These costs are often passed on to the consumer, so by saying no to unnecessary waste, you are also saying no to an unnecessary burden on your wallet.

Lastly, packaged food is often processed food. Buying waste-free, whole food helps to boost your health and give the earth a break.

Eco-savvy shopping tips

  • Bring reuseable shopping bags to the store—including small cloth bags you can use for produce and bulk. Stash a bag in your glove compartment or purse so you’re prepared if you make an impulse stop.
  • Avoid purchasing single-serving foods and snack packs—it’s often cheaper to buy in bulk anyway.
  • Stay away from Styrofoam. It can take hundreds of years to decompose!
  • If you must buy something packaged, look for material that is biodegradable.

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