#2013alive: Connect with Nature: Visit a Local Park


#2013alive: Connect with Nature: Visit a Local Park

It’s easy to connect with nature! Visit a local park and enjoy the great outdoors.

This month our 12 Months of Wellness goal is to connect with nature.  And what easier way to make that connection than by visiting a local park?

Last Sunday I visited Surrey Lake Park in Surrey, BC. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful little lake was created in 2002. It was a warm, sunny day when I visited and ducks were dozing on the sand while redwing blackbirds flitted among the bullrushes.

Surrey Lake Park

I took a beautiful little trail that followed the shoreline, then cut into a small forested area where I had to watch my step to avoid stepping on slugs on the path. The park is sandwiched between farmland and a golf course on a bus route. Even if you don’t have a car, many urban parks are accessible by transit, a truly green way to get there.

I’m a believer in leaving this earth better than I found it, so often to the chagrin of my walking companions, I pick up garbage I find along the trail.  I found a plastic straw and a Styrofoam lid.

Ellen at the Lake

There are beautiful little parks scattered throughout many of our local neighbourhoods and municipalities. Be sure to explore one in your area this week!

Remember to tweet us a photo of your local park with the #2013alive hashtag, or post a blog or Facebook comment about your park visit. And follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to download your June 12 Months of Wellness goal tracking sheet!


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