#2013alive: Cut Out the Bad … and Then Add In the Good


#2013alive: Cut Out the Bad … and Then Add In the Good

It’s the end of week 2 – time to reflect on how the week has gone … and prep for week 3: Add In the Good.

We’re coming to the end of week 2 of our 12 Months of Wellness, so it’s time to reflect on how this week has gone … and prepare for week 3!

Throughout this week we talked about cutting out the bad, specifically sugar-laden soft drinks and trans fats. Among the bad things that we mindlessly put into our body, soft drinks and trans fats are some of the worst, and consuming these foods can contribute to all sorts of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Now that we’ve ditched the worst offenders (or are in the ditching process), it’s time to start thinking about replacing the void with health-promoting foods. In week 3 of our 12 Months of Wellness we focus on adding in the good: greens, fibre, and omega-3s.

To get prepped for week 3 let’s consider these good items, and why they’re such a powerful addition to our diets.

Greens are a huge category of antioxidant rich leafy greens. They include kale, collards, mustard greens, beet greens, romaine lettuce, cabbage, spinach, and many more. These items are particularly high in vitamins A, C, and K, and contain high levels of iron.

Not just for staying regular, fibre is a key component in a balanced diet and helps to regulate weight and cholesterol. Soluble fibre can be found in oat bran, nuts, and legumes, and insoluble fibre can be found in veggies, wheat bran, and whole grains: make sure you get enough of both.

Touted for their heart- and brain-health promoting benefits, omega-3s are an important addition to your diet, as the body can’t produce them itself. Find them in fatty fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

What did you give up for week 2? And what are you going to add for week 3?

To see what alive staff members ditched this week, check out our recent blog post, “How Are We Cutting Out the Bad?” And check back next week to find out how we’re incorporating more greens, fibre, and omega-3s in our diets. 


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