#2013alive: How are you Getting Help from Supplements?


#2013alive: How are you Getting Help from Supplements?

Week 4 of #2013alive focuses getting some nutrition help from supplements. How are you doing so far?

We’re halfway through week 4 of our 12 Months of Wellness series. This week has been all about adding supplements to our daily routines to get an added nutrition boost where we might be lacking.

Here’s how our alive staff has been doing:

Jennifer Procyshyn, Account Manager: I take a multivitamin every day, and at night I take calcium with vitamin D.

Harley Godfrey, Controller: I am trying cinnamon capsules to help combat my sugar levels for diabetes.  Waiting on my blood work to come back. Crossing fingers!

Lina Kelaita, Graphic Designer: I can’t live without my iron supplements; gotta take them daily! They’ve made such a big improvement on my energy level and overall well-being. Can’t always remember to eat spinach, but I can remember to take my supplements.

And me? I’ve been taking my vitamin D supplements every day! Let us know—how has your week being going so far?

Supplements 101

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