#2013alive: Keep Track of Your Treasures


#2013alive: Keep Track of Your Treasures

Keep track of your treasures by creating organized storage solutions.

It’s Week 3 of Month 5 of our 12 Months of Wellness. Last week we said goodbye to our unwanted items. This week we have the fun task of sorting out and finding storage places for the treasures we’ve decided to keep.

What’s that saying about treasures? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Deciding what to hold onto is a very personal matter. But finding storage solutions is a bit easier. It’s simply a matter of finding a way to organize your stuff (I mean, treasure) that works for you.

Clutter busters

  • File important papers in an accordion file, labelled file folders, or in a small filing cabinet.
  • Use reusable, stackable storage containers for storing seasonal décor or keepsakes.
  • Use small baskets or bins to organize cosmetics, kitchen utensils, craft supplies, and odds and ends.
  • Buy your organizing containers or baskets after you’ve purged so you know how many you’ll need.
  • Don’t forget about your digital photo treasures! Back up your computer so you won’t lose those irreplaceable baby photos in the event of a serious computer crash. A few recent “blue screen of death” experiences prompted me to back up my photos and important files. (Notice it took me a “few” warnings before I acted—we think our computers will never let us down, but eventually all hard drives crash!)

Good luck! Organizing our treasures can seem like an overwhelming job, but remember, you’re going to feel great when you’re done—and things will be so much easier to find.

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