#2013alive: Mentor Up! Find an Inspiring Role Model


#2013alive: Mentor Up! Find an Inspiring Role Model

Next week we seek out a role model – someone special we can look up to, personally and professionally.

We’re wrapping up week 2, month 4 of our 12 Months of Wellness. I hope you discovered something you’re good at, or found some new activities you’d like to explore. If you didn’t find anything that inspired you, keep looking! Maybe next week’s goal of finding a mentor will lead you to discover your talents—and ultimately help you find your bliss.

We all need a mentor in our lives. A mentor can be a respected friend, a trusted relative, an inspiring teacher, or an admired professional in our field.

Why find a mentor?

Mentors can be an integral part of your success, in life and in business. Mentors may

  • expand your personal or professional networks
  • be your personal cheerleader
  • guide you during times of change in your life
  • provide support and advice

If you haven’t done so already, download our April Goal Sheet . Do you have a mentor? Would you like to find one? We’ll tell you how next week. Connect with us via via blog or Facebook comments, or use the Twitter hashtag #2013alive. 


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