#2013alive: Next Week – Have Fun!


#2013alive: Next Week - Have Fun!

It’s time to look forward to week 2, when we become tourists in our own communities!

This past week for our 12 Months of Wellness, we’ve been collecting information about the many events and activities offered by—or in—our local communities. Interactions with others, online sleuthing, and pamphlet perusing has led us to any number of ways to fill our evenings and weekends with new and exciting activities.

Next week…

It’s time to reap the benefits of our research! For week 2, we’re going to take all of the knowledge we gathered this week to become tourists in our own town. After all, what better why is there to learn about our communities than to have a great time while doing so?

Want to get ahead for next week’s exciting goal? Flip through pamphlets, make notes of website announcements, or take the highlighter to those newspaper cutouts to decide what events pique your interest the most. Perhaps you can even make a family activity day out of it, so make sure to get input from those around you, too!

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Want to make sure you stay on track? Download our handy-dandy August goal sheet to give yourself a leg up!


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