#2013alive: To Donate, or Not to Donate?


#2013alive: To Donate, or Not to Donate?

Welcome to month 5, week of 2 of our 12 Months of Wellness. Now that our clutter is sorted, what do we do with those old, unwanted treasures?

Whew! All the hard work of sorting items into our four boxes, the deliberating of whether or not that old vase should go in the “storage” box or the “donate/sell” box, and the stubbed toes brought about by piles of dust-bunny covered boxes and garbage bags filled with old toys has finally been dealt with.

If you’re me, this week is when the fun part happens.

Week Two:

This week, we get to save our toes by getting rid of some of those containers that have been sitting around the living room. It’s time to grab that “donate/sell” box, go through everything (again), and decide the fate of all of these previously loved treasures.

What are some of the best ways to do this? Well, consider doing this:

  • Donating: There are dozens of organizations out there that will gladly accept gently used toys, clothes, furniture, bedding … you name it! Try asking around to find a donation centre close to where you live, and help out a good cause.
  • Giving away: Very few people, except for children complaining about hand-me-downs, will turn down something free. If a neighbour’s child is moving out on his or his own for the first time, or if the kid down the road could use a “new” bike, why not put a smile on their faces?
  • Selling: Summer is fast approaching and, along with it, garage sales! Why not spend a day clearing your closets while filling your pockets with some extra cash?

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