Celebrate National Volunteer Week!


Celebrate National Volunteer Week!

It’s National Volunteer Week! Volunteers do amazing things for our communities. This week, we celebrate them – and join them!

Happy National Volunteering week! Organized by Volunteer Canada, this week is all about celebrating the volunteers who do so much for our communities, and to encourage others to give volunteering a try.

Why volunteer?

Canada boasts an amazing 13.3 million volunteers! And as anyone who’s volunteered can tell you, it’s great to give back and be able to engage with the community in a meaningful way. Along with helping the community and getting your good karma, some volunteering benefits might surprise you!

  • Volunteering can be good for our health. Along with giving us a “helper’s high,” volunteering socially may make us happier and healthier.
  • Are you new in town? Meet new friends and learn more about your community.
  • Think career-building! Volunteering can help develop skills you’re interested in, help you network, and help pad your resume.
  • Alternatively, you can do something completely different than your job, to create more balance in your life. Stuck at a desk all day? Do some community gardening or management of invasive species!

Learn more

Interested in volunteering but not sure where to start? Check out Volunteer Canada’s website to get started and to find an opportunity near you.  Plus, make sure to look out for our upcoming August issue, where we’ll be discussing volunteering as one of the goals for our 12 Months of Wellness series!

My volunteering story

When I was 14, I started volunteering as an usher at my local live theatre, and it was a great experience. Technically, my role was to take tickets, help show patrons to their seats, and answer any questions about the theatre. But as I became more experienced, I was able to develop my writing and editing skills (which came in handy later on!) by developing the theatre’s newsletter, and I even sat in on some board meetings for the theatre society. Of course, one of the best perks of that particular volunteering experience was being able to watch countless free live shows!

Share your story

Do you volunteer? Share your volunteering story with us via Twitter, Facebook, or blog post comments below.


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