Five Festive Beauty Tips


Five Festive Beauty Tips

Fight the winter skin care blues and look your best at the myriad of holiday parties you’ll be attending with these five beauty tips.

The holiday season typically has us running from party to party, catching up with everyone we tend to fall out of touch with during the rest of the year. This means that we want to look our best.

Unfortunately, the holiday season also means we have to deal with frizzy hair, chapped lips, and flaky skin caused by the cold weather. But fear not—natural products can come to the rescue, and with a little pampering we’ll be ready for all the holiday gatherings that come our way.

Care for your hair
Wind and cold weather can lead to dry, brittle hair and flyaways. To remedy the situation:

  • apply olive oil to your hair and pop on a shower cap for 15 minutes before using a gentle, natural shampoo and conditioner
  • shampoo less frequently if you find that your hair and scalp aren’t oily
  • try to skip using the hairdryer or straightener when possible
  • try to avoid showering in hot water, as this can zap moisture from our hair and skin

Soften rough patches
To combat dry, rough patches on heels, elbows, legs, and arms, exfoliate. Exfoliation lifts off dry, flaky dead skin cells, exposing your radiant skin underneath. Don’t forget to moisturize afterward!

Be sure to use a natural exfoliant, as plastic beads used in conventional products can make their way into waterways, polluting oceans and posing a danger to the environment and marine animals.

One last word of caution: not every scrub used for the body can be used on the face, as our facial skin is more delicate and may require a gentler formula. Just ensure that the product says it’s suitable for the face beforehand.

Focus on those pearly whites
Say “cheese!” Countless photos are taken during the holidays, so make sure your teeth are in ship shape by investing in a natural whitening toothpaste. To learn more about how to whiten your teeth naturally (and which methods may do more harm than good) check out our article “Do-It-Yourself Tooth Whitening.”

Soothe dry lips
Don’t lick your dry, chapped lips—this will only make them worse. To fix dry lips naturally:

  • include plenty of vitamins A, C, B12, and E in your diet, as well as omega-3s
  • try a natural lip scrub/exfoliant to remove rough patches and soften the lips
  • wear a nourishing natural lip balm all the time, so you’re less likely to pick or lick

Choose natural products
Red lips and nails are holiday staples. Avoid the toxins in conventional makeup by taking a trip to your natural health retailer and checking out its selection of natural cosmetics.


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