Get Outside Tomorrow (and not only Tomorrow!) for Nature Play Day


Get Outside Tomorrow (and not only Tomorrow!) for Nature Play Day

When’s the last time you played outside? Tomorrow is Nature Play Day across Canada.

When’s the last time you went outside and played? What about your kids? Screen time rates are at an all-time high, and although it may appear that electronic games are “play,” we may have forgotten just how important outdoor play is for children and adults alike.

New studies are finding all the time that there’s something about nature that makes us happier and healthier. It’s time to make outdoor, nature-based play a priority, and the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada agrees—they’ve designated tomorrow (June 15) Nature Play Day. As their website states, “This Canada-wide day of playing in nature is all about finding a simple way to connect with nearby nature in your backyard, local park, schoolyard, rooftop garden … wherever really!”

Even if we on the west coast are experiencing what news reports are calling “June-ary,” there are tons of ways to get outside and have fun. Looking for inspiration? Try out one of these kid-friendly suggestions.

  • Toss around a Frisbee, go for a bike ride, or fly a kite.
  • See how many birds and bugs you can spot and identify. If you’re near a pond, you may even be able to find tadpoles, fish, or frogs.
  • Play hide-and-seek or tag—there are much better hiding places outside!
  • Go on a treasure hunt and depending on your environment, see if you can collect any neat-looking rocks, seashells, and pinecones.

Check out the Nature Play Day website for more details.


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