Grow Your Own Sprouts From Home


Grow Your Own Sprouts From Home

DIY sprouts are an easy and interactive way to get your veggie fix.

Today is National Water a Flower Day, so take a moment to appreciate the plants in your life.

Although taking the day off to traipse through your neighbourhood with a watering can may not be practical, there is another, tastier way that we can enjoy the benefits of our leafy friends— by eating them!

Here at alive, we grow a variety of our own sprouts in our Urban Cultivator, a refrigerator-shaped indoor garden that we keep in our alive kitchen. Our lineup includes arugula, basil, dill, kale, and parsley, which can liven up even the most mundane office lunches. 

Don’t let their size fool you: these pint-sized plants pack a nutritional punch. Younger leaves are thought to have higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than their mature counterparts, and cutting them yourself before eating them ensures that none of the good stuff is lost during a long journey from farm to supermarket.

You can also grow your own sprouts at home—with a little water, a mason jar, and these sprout-nurturing tips by Amie Watson, you will be on the way to watering your own living lunch in no time. Once you have brought your leaves to life, check out these sprout recipes by Matthew Kadey that will have your grocery store-going friends green with envy.


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