Holiday Travel Tips


Holiday Travel Tips

We’ve compiled alive blog posts and articles that can take the stress out of airline travel. Bon voyage!

December is a huge time of year for airline travel. But if you’re like many of us, flying can come with a host of stressors and potential health risks. Here, we’ve compiled alive blog posts and articles that can take the stress out of flying. Bon voyage!

Travelling with allergies
If you have a serious or even life-threatening allergy, travel can bring about new challenges. Learn how to manage the risks with our recent blog post “Travel Tips for Those with Allergies.”

Prepping for airport security
Packing for travelling can be stressful no matter what the circumstances, and airport security can only magnify the stress. Thankfully, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has offered some tips for packing and prepping for air travel.

Staying healthy
Along with the general stress of travelling, airplane travel can also come with its own health risks. Sitting for hours at a time on a plane can increase our risk of developing blood clots. Plus, many people succumb to colds, flus, and other bugs after flying. Learn how to reduce your risk of both of these issues with our article “Take to the Air.”

And while you’re at it, learn which homeopathic remedies are helpful for travel.

Learning to unplug and rewind
Have you ever come back from a vacation without feeling as you’ve ever actually relaxed? Check out our recent article “12 Ways to Avoid Vacation Stress.”


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