Steer Clear of Cold Weather Colds


Steer Clear of Cold Weather Colds

Looking for a great way to snuff out the wintertime sniffles? Homeopathy is a great way to manage sniffles, coughs, and so much more!

Nobody likes having to stay home from work or school because of a runny nose and a fever. With wintertime sniffles at a peak, many of us are looking for safe and natural ways to protect ourselves from the fevers, coughs, watery eyes, sneezy noses, and sore throats that can come knocking.

Homeopathy 101

Homeopathy uses the principle that “like heals like,” meaning that the symptoms of an unhealthy person can be treated by a substance that creates those very same symptoms in a healthy person. So, if someone was suffering from an illness—say, a bout of the sneezes—a substance that causes sneezing in a healthy person would be used as a treatment, but in a very small dose.

Homeopathy is a safe alternate to conventional treatments. Plus, it’s a great way to combat those wintertime colds!

Finding a homeopathic doctor

Interested in consulting a homeopath in your area? Check out the Canadian Society of Homeopath’s directory to find one.

However, anyone in the Vancouver area interested in learning how to use homeopathic remedies can seize an exciting opportunity! Nicole Duelli, a homeopathic practitioner and trusted member of alive’s Editorial Advisory Board, is offering a four-week workshop to help you keep your family feeling their best this winter.


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