Strength Training Workouts For Runners to Make You Stronger and Faster!


Many long-distance runners forget the importance of strength training for runners. Certain workouts target the body parts used most while running, and this collection of exercises will work everything from your ankles and abs, to your arms and shoulders, and of course your legs. So whether you’re training for your first half marathon, or you’ve just started running for weight loss, make sure to bookmark this collection of at-home workouts - they will make you stronger and faster!

I’ve always loved running. It’s the one exercise that always gives me a great workout no matter what, and running never fails to leave me feeling amazing afterwards! But over the years I’ve realized that running isn’t enough. Combining running with strength training workouts will make you run faster and stronger, plus it will aid in injury prevention.

Let’s rewind. Strength training workouts are amazing for your overall health and well-being. Not only do they burn fat and build muscle, they improve blood flow, make your heart strong and healthy, improve your balance and coordination, plus much more.

Running shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all when it comes to your workout regime. Strength training is key to a well-rounded fitness routine and should ideally be done 2 to 3 times a week. There are certain exercises that specifically help runners, targeting the body parts used most while running.

Through strength training you work everything from your ankles and your abs, to your arms and shoulders, and of course your legs. You’ll become fitter and healthier, and a better runner to boot. Not only will it help you with running, but strength is the foundation of everyday acts, from hauling shopping bags to and from the car, to carry book bags, or helping lift furniture into a new apartment.

Strength training is essential for building muscle, loosing weight, and becoming strong as can be. If you haven’t done strength training exercises before, don’t fret! These step-by-step tutorials will show you how it’s done. Get ready to run stronger, faster, and more efficiently by adding these strength training workouts to your fitness regime!

1. 10-Minute Strength Training Workout for Runners by POPSUGAR Fitness

Preventing injuries is one of the best things strength training can do for a runner. In this video, they’ve compiled exercises that target areas of the body that are prone to injury while running. If you’re new to strength training, they offer beginner variations for each of the moves, and they also throw in some abdominal work to make you a more efficient runner over all!

2. 40 Minute Fat Blasting Total Body Strength Training and Toning Workout by FitnessBlender

For this workout you’ll need a set of dumbbells (ProSource Dumbbells are nice and colorful, but use whatever weight works for you!), plus a bench or a step. The tutorial guides you step-by-step through the 40-minute workout, where you’ll work your entire body. You’ll become stronger, burn calories, and sweat like a mad woman!

3. 17 Min Strength Training Workout for Beginners by HASfit

This strength training routine is ideal for beginners who are just starting to get into this type of workout. They describe how to use proper technique so you don’t hurt yourself while doing the movements. They also provide modifications to make some of the exercises easier if need be. From abs to legs to arms, you’ll get a full body workout.

4. Full Body Strength Training 30-Minute Workout by Clean Cuisine

Strengthen every major muscle in your body with this strength training routine. You’ll burn fat and calories, plus prepare your body for strong, effective runs. Your heart rate will be elevated throughout the workout and you’ll get in some killer cardio. In just 30 minutes you’ll feel stronger and leaner all around.

5. 25-Minute Total Body Strength Training for Women by Joanna Soh

If you’re looking to get stronger and fitter, strength training is a must, especially for runners. This 25-minute workout includes a warm-up and warm-down, plus a total of 8 strengthening exercises. She estimates the entire workout burns 230 to 270 calories, which sounds pretty good to me!

6. Strength Training Routine and Drills for Runners by Running Wild

This tutorial is extremely educational and works effective movements into a strength training routine. They include everything from resistance exercises and hip flexions, to donkey kicks and ab pulses. You’ll get a great workout for your entire body and the strengthening exercises will help you run stronger and faster! You’ll need a therapy band for some of the exercises – consider the Flat Exercise Stretch Bands 3 x Resistance Bands Set and Super Exercise Band® 7 ft. Resistance Flat Bands.

7. Strength Training for Women, 18 Minute Total Body Sculpting Time Saver Workout by jessicasmithtv

For this strength training workout, you’ll need two sets of dumbbells – one lighter and one heavier. This routine is great if you only have a small amount of time to squeeze in a workout, and it’s incredibly effective. You’ll also get a good cardio workout since your heart rate is climbing the whole time and she eliminates the rest periods. Your whole body will become stronger, which will make you a better runner.

8. 54 Min Intermediate Total Body Strength Training Workout with Dumbbells by GymRa

You can do this routine with or without dumbbells, but if you can handle it, you’ll get a better strength workout if you use them. The routine includes two warmup exercises and then twelve strength exercises, which she circuits twice. The routine includes leg and butt exercises, arm workouts, and ab exercises to make you stronger all over!

9. Full Body Strength Workout – Maddy Mosier by BeFiT

With this strength workout you’ll be working for 45 seconds and resting for 15 every minute, plus you’ll be starting every minute off with two burpees! In the 18-minute routine, you’ll burn fat, build muscle, and work towards a totally sculpted body. Featuring a total of nine exercises you’re sure to build strength to prevent injury and become a better, healthier runner.

10. Short Full-Body Workout w/ Resistance Bands by Natalie Jill Fitness

Resistance is a big part of strength training, and with this routine you’ll use resistance bands to strengthen your entire body. The resistance makes the exercises more challenging, which will in turn make you grow stronger and fitter. It’s a short, yet effective workout that you can do in the morning before going to work, or when you get home in the evening. Do it in the comfort of your own home and reap amazing results!

If you’re a runner, these strength training workouts will help you become faster, stronger, and more efficient. Add them to your weekly routine to majorly enhance your running.


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