Glow Up Challenge: 10 Ways to Transform Yourself in 30 Days


Glow Up Challenge 101 | If you want to know how to transform your life, committing to a Glow Up Challenge is a great way to start. Whether you decide on a 30 day period or opt for something shorter or longer, there are tons of small changes you can make to your daily habits to improve your physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as the way you FEEL about yourself, both inside and out. You've probably heard all about Glow Ups on TikTok, and this post has 10 ideas to help you get started!

It’s hard to put yourself first, especially if you’re juggling a busy work schedule, social plans, kids and relationships. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied with how you look and feel, it’s time to give yourself a little self care. Focusing on yourself helps boost your mood and confidence and alleviates feelings of anxiety and stress. Taking part in a 30 day glow up challenge will help you transform yourself so you look and feel better daily. Ready to give it a try?

What is the ‘Glow Up Challenge’?

The glow up challenge is a month-long dedication to improving yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and aesthetically. The goal is to look and feel your absolute best after 30 days of focusing on yourself and doing things that make you feel better, healthier and stronger and look more put together. You’ll learn healthy habits that you’ll carry on with you beyond the month.

Most of the items on this list are simple habits to adopt, but there are a few that will take more time and energy. If you’re thinking “no way, I already don’t have enough time in the day”, then this is the perfect challenge for you. It’s time to slow down, focus on yourself and give yourself some TLC.

10 Ways to Transform Your Life in 30 Days

1. Drink More Water
There are so many benefits to upping your water intake. Not only does it keep you healthy and energized, it also keeps your skin hydrated and clear. It keeps your body refreshed and helps maintain your skin’s elasticity too.

You’re less likely to experience scars, wrinkles and fine lines if you drink large amounts of water. Water also helps you flush out bloat that comes with eating too much salt, junk food and processed food.

2. Get 8 Hours of Sleep
Sleep is more important than many people think. A good night’s sleep allows you to look and feel rested so you can take on the day with zeal. Sleep affects how you look in a number of ways. Your skin goes through its restoration while you sleep, so if you cut back on sleep, you’re reducing the time your skin has to repair. Even one night of poor sleep can result in swollen eyes, dark under eye circles, wrinkles, fine lines and paler skin.

3. Eat Lots of Fruits and Veggies
Filling your body with fruits and veggies is a great way to glow up. They’re packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that will boost your metabolism, improve blood flow and circulation, make your skin and hair softer and give your complexion a healthy glow.

Try to eat fruits or veggies with every meal. A fruit smoothie for breakfast, big salad for lunch and side of veggies for dinner are smart ways to incorporate lots of fruits and veg.

4. Always Wash Your Face Before Bed
If you’re not in the habit of washing your face every night before bed, it’s time to start. Leaving your makeup on overnight means you’re leaving residue such as dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria and sebum on your skin, which can worsen skin conditions.

Washing your face before bed is one of the simplest ways to improve your skin. It helps prevent acne and wrinkles since it rids your skin of pollutants and toxins that could damage it overnight.

5. Give Your Face Some TLC
Speaking of your face, there are other things you should be doing for your skin in the glow up challenge and beyond. Use an oil such as coconut oil or rose hip oil to give yourself a face massage at least once a week. Face massages help cleanse your skin from the inside out by promoting lymphatic drainage, plus they improve the appearance of fine lines, and firm, tone and tighten your skin.

You should also start exfoliating your skin and using face masks weekly to slough away dead skin cells and hydrate and replenish your skin. Use a good moisturizer morning and night and wear sunscreen on the daily to help with aging concerns.

6. Get a Fresh Cut
When was the last time you went for a haircut? Getting a fresh chop can completely transform your look. If it’s been a long time since you’ve changed your hair style, consider switching up the length and colour. You can search social media for looks you love or ask your hair stylist for their opinion on what would look best on you.

7. Say Goodbye to Negative Self Talk
If you’ve been saying mean things to yourself about the way you look, it’s time to put that habit to bed. Flush negative, toxic thoughts out of your head and replace them with beautiful, encouraging words. This one can be a struggle for people, but you need to start somewhere.

We’re used to criticizing ourselves and giving ourselves a hard time about the way we look, but it’s time to start loving yourself and your body. The more you use positive self-talk, the more confident you’ll feel and the better you’ll be able to present yourself.

8. Make Exercise a Priority
Regular exercise is a key part of a glow up. There are plenty of benefits of exercising, from boosting your energy and metabolism, to improving your cardiovascular system, to improving your mental health and mood, and helping you control your weight. Exercise helps you tone up and feel stronger and more confident. Find a workout you love, whether it’s jogging, swimming, cycling or Pilates and make a commitment to do it 3 to 4 times per week.

9. Practice Meditation
Meditation is a great way to control stress. Stress and stress-related hormones can negatively affect the skin, so the reduction of stress can help improve your skin’s appearance. Use a guided meditation and mindfulness app such as Headspace to help you clear your mind, let go and manage your stress and anxiety.

10. Cut Out Refined Sugar
Cutting refined sugar from your diet impacts everything from your skin to your energy levels. Sugar can hinder the repair of your skin’s collagen, the protein that keeps it looking plump. It can also lead to reduced elasticity and premature wrinkles. Cutting down on your sugar intake helps reduce sagging skin and other visible signs of aging. It also results in increased energy, decreased abdominal fat, and a healthier body and heart overall.

Ready to transform yourself? Try these 10 tips over the next 30 days and pay attention to how your perception of yourself changes!


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