Cleanse and Reset: 30 Detox Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss


30 Detox Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss | If fat burning and a flat belly are on your mind, you might be looking for cleanses you can do to detox your colon and liver, boost your immune system, clear your skin, and reset your body and mind. While juice cleanses can be helpful, they often leave you feeling weak and hungry. Smoothies feel more like meal replacements and offer a simple way to boost your metabolism. #detox #smoothiedetox #smoothiecleanse #3daydetox #3daydetoxplan #flatbelly

Love the idea of detox cleanses, but hate the idea of only drinking juice for three days straight? The detox smoothie cleanse allows you to reap all the benefits of a juice cleanse, but in a much more satisfying way. You’ll be giving your body a chance to restore, filling it with ample amounts of nutrients along the way. Although cleanses aren’t meant for long-term weight loss, they’re one of the best ways to jump-start your weight loss journey, helping your body reset and  refresh. Check out 30 detox smoothie recipes for weight loss.

What is a Detox Smoothie Cleanse?

Cleanses help your body kick-start weight loss and healthy habits. Although your body can naturally detoxify itself, there are certain ways to boost the detox process. Detox cleanses are a way to reset your digestive system, recharge and rejuvenate yourself. They’re the perfect way to jump-start your body for a more active, healthy lifestyle.

A detox smoothie cleanse uses healthy smoothie recipes to assist in your body’s detox system. Offering a heartier, more fulfilling option to the popular juice cleanse (which only allows you to drink juice), smoothie cleanses don’t feel like punishment, and actually lead to fullness and satisfaction while activating a healthier lifestyle.

During a detox smoothie cleanse, you can drink 4 to 6 smoothies per day. Make sure not to sip on them mindlessly and only drink them when you’re actually hungry. You don’t want to starve yourself, but you can also be strategic about your smoothies. If you’ve already had three smoothies one day and they were filled with protein, nuts, or other types of fats, your next smoothie should be rich in greens, fruits and fibre. Personalize it to you and what your body needs.

7 Pros and Cons of Detox Smoothie Cleanse Plans

Pros of Detox Smoothie Cleanse Plans

1. Fills Your Body with Nutrients
On a detox smoothie cleanse, you’re consuming tons of healthy fruits and vegetables, fibre, protein and essential nutrients and vitamins. You’re cleansing your body, while filling it with nutrients, which is a great way to kick start healthy habits.

2. Reduces Your Intake of Sugars, Processed Foods, Caffeine and Alcohol
While you’re on a detox smoothie cleanse, you’ll be restricting your consumption of foods like sugar, processed foods and alcohol. These are things that are responsible for bloating, fatigue, weight gain and a whole host of other problems. Reducing your intake of these foods will help your body reset and rejuvenate.

3. Weight Loss
Most cleanses are designed to only last a few days because of the low calorie and carb intake. Because of this, the weight you lose during a cleanse is mostly water weight. However, cleanses are a way to reset your body and jump-start a healthy diet that leads to weight loss. It’s a great starting point to reach your weight loss goals!

4. Relief From Constipation
If you experience constipation, detox smoothie cleanses are a great way to get relief. They help detox your body, getting your digestive system moving and helping you get your bowel movements back on track.

5. Kickstart a Healthy Diet
While on a cleanse, many people start to think more about what they typically eat and put into their bodies. It feels good to detox and rid your body of toxins, which can kickstart a change to a healthier diet and lifestyle overall.

Cons of Detox Smoothie Cleanse Plans

1. Tiredness and Lack of Energy
Since you’re not consuming as many calories and carbs on a smoothie detox cleanse as you regularly would, it’s normal to feel tired and a lack of energy. You shouldn’t be doing any strenuous exercise, and if you’re feeling exceptionally tired and low energy, you should stay away from exercising at all.

2. Gastrointestinal Distress and Frequent Bowel Movements
On a smoothie detox cleanse, you may experience gastrointestinal distress and frequent bowel movements. While frequent bowel movements may be helpful to someone who experiences constipation, keep in mind that you may also be flushing out essential nutrients and vitamins if your bowel movements are too frequent.

How Long and How Often Should You Do Detox Cleanses?

Detox cleanses are typically short diets, lasting two to three days. They’re not a way of eating you can stick with for a long time since they offer so little calories and carbohydrates to keep you full and energized. Detox cleanses shouldn’t be done long-term, but rather are a great starting point for a healthy diet moving forward.

It’s typically recommended to do detox cleanses four times per year, once every time the season changes to reset and rejuvenate your body. If that seems like too much for you, you can do a cleanse two to three times per year, when you’re feeling particularly bloated and sluggish.

30 Detox Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

1. Green Detox Smoothie | Damn Delicious
2. Pumpkin Fig Smoothie | Leanne Ray Nutrition
3. Banana and Cinnamon Smoothie | Woman’s Day
4. Blueberry Protein Weight Loss Smoothie | The Nutrition Twins
5. Triple Berry Kiwi Smoothie | The Pretty Bee
6. Peach Green Smoothie | Primavera Kitchen
7. Banana Nut Smoothie | Woman’s Day
8. Fat Burning Green Smoothie | North South Blonde
9. Turmeric Green Tea Smoothie | Veggie Chick
10. 5-Ingredient Go-To Green Smoothie | The Real Food Dieticians
11. Raspberry Chia Smoothie | Woman’s Day
12. Superfood Smoothie | Love and Zest
13. Mango Matcha Green Smoothie | My Life Cookbook
14. Strawberry Banana Spirulina Smoothie | Natalie’s Health
15. Peanut Butter Green Smoothie | Veggies Save The Day
16. Blueberry Pineapple Detox Green Smoothie | Life Made Sweeter
17. Almond Butter Spinach Smoothie | What’s Gaby Cooking
18. Ginger Orange Green Smoothie | Bridgid Gallagher
19. Classic Apple Detox Smoothie | Green Blender
20. Metabolism Boosting Smoothie | Sunkissed Kitchen
21. Strawberry Pomegranate Green Smoothie | Pretty Little Apron
22. Beet Detox Smoothie | Ilona’s Passion
23. Debloating Green Smoothie | Peanut Butter & Peppers
24. Yellow Turmeric Smoothie | Green Blender
25. 2-Minute Green Smoothie | Half Baked Harvest
26. Anti-Inflammatory Red Smoothie | iFoodReal
27. Grapefruit Ginger Smoothie | Natalie’s Health
28. Pumpkin Banana Breakfast Smoothie | Beyond Frosting
29. Bikini Ready Green Detox Smoothie | The Glowing Fridge
30. Sweet Potato Glow Smoothie | Green Blender

These detox smoothie recipes will kickstart your weight loss journey, helping you live a healthier, happier lifestyle!


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