7 Plank Workouts for Beginners to Strengthen Your Core


7 Plank Workouts for a Killer Core | Whether you have 5 minutes or 20 minutes to spare, we've curated the best plank workouts for women and for men to help tighten and tone your core and abdominal muscles. There are so many benefits of incorporating planks in your weekly workout schedule, and while they make look easy, they give you a full body workout and are a great way to sculpt your abs and obliques! Perfect for beginners and beyond, lose belly fat fast with these home exercises!

If you want to build a strong core, there may be no more effective workout than the plank and plank variations. The plank is a bodyweight exercise that offers numerous benefits. As well as strengthening your core, your biceps, neck and shoulder muscles are also engaged during plank exercises, as are your glutes and inner thighs. It’s a well-rounded exercise that challenges your entire body, especially with all the different variations of plank there are. Ready to seriously strengthen your core? Check out 7 awesome plank workouts for beginners!

What is a Plank Workout?

A plank is an effective bodyweight exercise that requires you to hold your body in a position similar to a push up for as long as possible. Planks are an example of an isometric exercise, which are great for building stability because you’re contracting muscles without moving any joints. A plank workout involves creative variations on the plank exercise, embracing your abs and strengthening your core. From side planks to one-legged planks, dolphin planks, caterpillar planks, and more, a plank workout consists of a combination of plank variations done together to strengthen and tone your core, upper body and lower body all at once.

What Are the Benefits of Plank Workouts?

1. Core Stability
Strengthening and stabilizing your core is one of the most significant benefits of plank workouts. Core stability is essential for everyday tasks from carrying groceries to picking up your kids to opening doors. Planks work your entire core, including your hips, pelvic floor and lower back.

2. Improve Your Posture
Plank exercises strengthen your back, chest, shoulders and neck, improving your posture. Along with the abs, when these muscles are strong, it makes it easier to keep your shoulders and your lower back in a neutral position while sitting or standing. Planks also encourage hip and glute activation, which are both important for good posture and movement, whether you’re walking or running. Since poor posture contributes to body aches and pains, good posture decreases the risk of body pains.

3. Enhance Your Glutes
As well as strengthening and growing your core, your glutes get a great workout with plank exercises too. The slight tilt in your pelvis when you do a plank targets your gluteus maximus, putting some extra work in for the glutes. Glutes are important for balance, strength, running and pretty much any standing activity, so having strong glutes is key!

How to Do a Perfect Plank

If you want to reap all the benefits of plank workouts, it’s really important to know how to properly do a plank. Without the right technique, you won’t be working the right body parts and won’t get the core strengthening benefits you’re looking for. Follow the video below to learn how to do a perfect plank!

How to do a Perfect Plank | K’s Perfect Fitness TV

Here she demonstrates exactly how a perfect plank should be done. She shows you the wrong ways to do a plank as well as how to hold your body properly in plank position. She has great technique and encourages you to go back to the basics to ensure you’re getting the most out of your plank workouts.

7 Plank Workouts for Beginners

7 Min Plank Challenge | No Equipment | Pamela Reif

This workout is made up of plank variations that make the 7 minutes go by fast! From hip raise planks to spider planks, hip drop planks and leg raise planks, you’re going to love this workout that challenges your core, upper body and lower body all at once!

Take the Plank Challenge | 8 Plank Variations | Heather Robertson

This plank workout is only 4 minutes long, but it will set your core on fire with 8 different plank variations. With exercises like side planks, plank toe taps, and the body saw, it’s not going to be easy, so get ready to work and sweat!

Best Plank Workout for Smaller Waist & Flat Abs | emi wong

Ready to work your way to a killer body? This plank workout consists of 10 different plank variations from slow mountain climbers to Spiderman planks to plank jacks. It will help you tighten your waist, flatten your abs and burn calories all at once.

7 Min Plank Challenge (No Equipment) | MadFit

Get ready for a quick and intense plank challenge that works your core, shoulders and back. She’ll take you through 7 different plank variations that you’ll do for 30 seconds each, twice through. Get ready to feel the burn!

10 Min Plank Workout | 28 Days Plank Challenge | Chloe Ting

This plank challenge works your arms, waist and core to help you slim down and get serious core strength. You can do it anywhere between 3 to 6 times per week and it’s the perfect addition to a cardio or HIIT workout.

Best Plank Workout for a Smaller Waist & Flat Abs | Rebecca-Louise

If you want to get a smaller waist and flat abs, this plank workout is for you! The exercises focus on your oblique muscles, making your side abs pop! From high plank, to low plank moving forward and backward, to high plank shoulder taps, you’re going to get an amazing workout with this video!

Killer Plank Challenge | 6 Minute Core Workout | Heather Robertson

This 6 minute core workout has you doing a series of plank variations to strengthen your core and lower back. You can do one, two or three rounds, depending on how you’re feeling. From plank kicks to side crunches to plank twists, the workout will challenge you!

Plank workouts are so important to not only strengthen your core, but engage your entire body. Follow these videos and watch your body transform!


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