Modern Parenting: 24 Genius Baby Gadgets to Make Life Easier


24 Must-Have Baby Gadgets to Make Life Easier | Looking for the coolest high tech gadgets for moms and dads? Whether you’re preparing for life with a newborn, need tips to make parenting twin babies easier, need products for traveling with baby, want to know the best and modern safety gadgets on the market, or you just want to be an awesome millennial mom with the latest tools for sleep, bath, feeding, and more, we’re sharing 24 of our favorite baby products! #babygadgets #babygear #babytech

There are some things about parenthood that have not changed throughout the ages. If you think about it, it is almost comforting to know that new parents have continued to survive for thousands of years, despite a crazy lack of sleep. Thankfully, there are also a lot of things about parenthood that have changed. In our era, we have tons of cool baby gadgets to make life easier on us than it ever has been.

However, there are so many new ideas and tools popping up daily that it can feel a bit overwhelming to choose which ones to get. I’ve done the research on your behalf—some by reading countless Amazon reviews, some by talking to friends, but mostly through long nights and many tears. Kidding! Well, kind of.

11 Must-Have Baby Gadgets

These baby gadgets to make life easier range in price and, of course, in function. Whether you are a parent thumbing through this list in the middle of the night while feeding a fussy baby, or someone looking for a baby shower gift, there’s something on this list for you.

Baby sound machine with night light and time to rise. The Hatch nightlight is officially one of my favorite baby gadgets to make life easier. It’s challenging to even describe what exactly it is, but let’s start by saying it is a sound machine. Additionally, it has a built-in nightlight for those middle of the night feeds and a time-to-rise clock. All of this is controlled and programmed via your smartphone—you can even use your phone to choose a fun nightlight color which is totally entertaining for your little one.

Infant pacifier thermometer. This is so brilliant…a pacifier that has a thermometer built in. This is definitely a much easier way to read the temperature of a baby than any of the other methods. This handy tool is definitely one of the baby gadgets to make life easier that you’ll reach for again and again. 

Wearable thermometer. Baby won’t take a pacifier? No problem. Here is another super easy way to check a baby’s temperature without disturbing them. This FDA-approved device is bluetooth enabled and will send alerts right to your phone, helping you get a better nights rest when your little one isn’t feeling well. 

Bath spout cover. This clever gadget has two benefits. Firstly, it covers the tub sprout which will help avoid head bumps and tears. Secondly, the spout cover has a built-in thermometer so you know the bath is always the perfect temp for your child.

Travel bottle warmer. If you don’t have one of these yet, get one. This portable bottle warmer is one of the best purchases I made. If your child is like mine and will only drink warm milk, this will be a godsend for long trips in the car, or when the baby is extra hungry while out running errands.

Baby scale. If you are a soon-to-be parent, you may be scoffing at the idea of buying a baby scale. However, there may come a moment when you wonder if your baby is gaining weight or getting enough breastmilk. This scale lets you track baby’s weight with ease, taking away the ambiguity of weighing them in your arms.

Cool mist humidifier. Humidifiers are a must for newborns, but you will use them throughout their entire childhood. A baby’s nose and throat can be irritated from having dry air, or when they have a cold, and the humidifier will help soothe them.

Portable sound machine. This is one of the baby gadgets to make life easier I like so much that I own two of them! On-the-go everything is a necessity these days. If you are out running an errand and the baby is tired, use this portable sound machine to help them nap on the go.
Portable swing. Baby swings are wonderful to help give you a moment when something needs to be done. They entertain and rock your baby, leaving you a few minutes free. This swing is lightweight enough to be portable, which I really like. 

Formula travel pack. Here’s an example of a simple design that is a game-changer. This 4 compartment container is awesome for parents on the go. Formula can be scooped into the sections or you can use it for snacks. 

Vibrating mattress pad. Thanks to the nearly-constant rocking and bouncing a baby does in the womb, a mattress vibrating pad may be just the thing to calm baby enough for a nap. Some parents swear by it and others found it didn’t work for their child. At just over $20, it certainly can’t hurt to try and see!

7 Baby Gadgets for Moms

It’s hard to discern exactly what baby gadgets to make life easier moms will need or reach for over dads. I know every family and couple is different, so I just divvied this up based on what my circle of friends has discussed. Here are some fun gadgets for the mama in your life!

3-in-1 diaper clutch. Chances are you are going to be carrying around a diaper bag for a loooong time. Slide this little clutch in it to help make diaper changes even easier! This clutch has a diaper time playmat and changing station that will help keep your kid’s hands away from their poop. Sorry, but it’s a universal truth!

Reusable food pouches. We love food pouches but they can be quite pricey. These reusable pouches help you cut costs while taking snacks on the go.

Breast pump set. Look, choosing a breast pump is immensely personal. But, if you are looking for a starting suggestion, this is a popular one from Medela. As a portable breast pump, this will definitely be one of the baby gadgets to make life easier so you can leave the house as a breastfeeding mom with (relative) ease!

Breast milk storage. Breastmilk is a lot of work to make, so make sure you store it in the correct bags. I like that this one has an organizing component to it as well.

Stroller fan. This stroller fan will help your baby keep cool in the heat by circulating air around them, which can be a lifesaver on those summer days when you need to leave the house. 

Owlet smart sock. Out of every single item on this entire list, this is absolutely the number one baby gadget to make life easier that I recommend. This heart monitor straps around baby’s foot nightly and helps you keep track of her vitals. The Owlet was how I was able to sleep at all during the first few months!

Nail trimmer. Everyone joked about cutting a baby’s nails being scary but until I did it I had no idea. This electric nail trimmer will help you keep a fussy baby’s nails short without fear of clipping too much off.

6 Baby Gadgets for Dads

Dads, I didn’t forget about you. I know you all are always on the hunt for baby gadgets that make life easier so here’s a list of suggestions.

Baby monitor with interchangeable lens. Find yourself peering at the baby monitor a lot? This infant monitor has changeable optics so that the room angle and visual distance can be varied greatly for the best view possible.

Baby carrier. This stylish baby carrier gives you 4 ways to carry your child as they grow while holding them safe and sound against daddy. 
Microwave sterilizer. You’ll likely be washing a lot of bottles, so grab one of these for peace of mind. A steam sterilizer helps you feel confident that your baby’s bottles are clean as can be.

Car mirror. This is a must-have for driving around as it helps you keep an eye on baby.

Formula machine. This is a total life saver if you are feeding with formula. This smart gadget takes the guesswork out of measuring formula and dispenses it perfectly warmed with the literal push of a button. 

Fast baby bottle warmer. This milk warmer does a crucial thing—it heats a bottle evenly to make sure baby doesn’t get scalded. It also has a defrost setting for breast milk and baby food.

There you have it—an easy list of baby gadgets to make life easier!


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