15 crazy fun baby shower games


Planning a baby shower and need some good baby shower ideas to get the party started? We've got you covered. Perfect for large groups or a more intimate gathering, these easy and unique baby shower games will keep your guests happy and entertained. Some of these ideas are pretty funny, and we really love # 5!

A friend of mine recently announced that she’s expecting her first child, and while I often feel like I’m a million years away from the world of breastfeeding and colic and sleep training, I am beyond excited for her.

(Who DOESN’T get excited over the news of a new baby???!)

Of course, it’s still early days so she’s not really telling anyone her big news and I’ve been instructed to keep my mouth shut until the end of her first trimester, but she never said I wasn’t allowed to start planning her baby shower.

And since my beautiful friend wasn’t able to plan a baby shower for me because of ongoing drama with a member of my extended family (don’t even get me started…), I am determined to make it up to her and throw an amazing party to celebrate her little bundle of joy.

Now, one thing you must know about me is that, while I am great with coming up with fabulous, over-the-top ideas for parties and celebrations, I often fall down on the execution side of things.

I’m just so lazy!

But after doing some searching online, I stumbled upon a fantastic site called Baby Shower Games that’s filled with a ton of fun games that don’t require a lot of setup ahead of time, and I also discovered a bunch of party games that you can purchase online.

How’s THAT for simplifying the whole baby shower planning experience??!

1. Name That Poop (Lil’ Luna)

2. Pin the Pacifier on the Baby

3. Bottles Up! Drinking Game (Baby Shower Games)

4. Race to the Labor Room (Baby Shower Games)

5. Pin the Sperm on the Egg

6. My Water Broke Game

7. Bobbing for Pacifiers (Baby Shower Games)

8. Who Knows Mommy Best

9. Baby Shower Bingo

10. Diaper Changing Relay Race (Baby Shower Games)

11. Baby Word Scramble

12. New Mommy Advice Cards

13. Tub Toss (Baby Shower Games)

14. The Baby Trivia Game

15. Spoon Fed Baby Game (Baby Shower Games)


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