10 fast (and free!) ab workouts for busy moms


Looking for fat-burning workouts you can do at home or at the gym to blast belly fat FAST? We’ve got you covered. For beginners and beyond, this collection of full body workout videos will teach you the best cardio and strength-training exercise routines for SERIOUS results. No pain, no gain, right?

I have always wanted a six-pack, and I’m not talking about the kind you buy at your local liquor store. Nope. I’m talking about abs. Killer abs to be precise. But even though I’ve spent most of my adult life dreaming about looking like the gals that are splashed all over the media, I completely lack the time and energy it takes to get the look I so desperately want.


Because I’m the lazy mother of a 4-year-old girl who is busier than The Tasmanian Devil himself, and I am just plain tired at the end of the day.

Of course, I’ve TRIED to get into a good ab workout routine, but I inevitably want to put a fork in my eye after the first 20-minute session of sit-ups, crunches, and squats, and I can’t fathom the idea of doing it again. Ever.

But after seeing one of my mom friends sporting an AMAZING body at a pool party a couple of weekends ago, I decided it was time to get off my duff and start applying myself. So I spent some time weeding through different exercises online, and I was surprised to find there are so many easy, fast, AND FREE (!!!) ab workouts I can do to get me closer to my goal to look good naked again.

And since I want YOU to look good naked as well (I made it awkward again, didn’t I?), I decided to compile all 10 of my favorite videos so you can watch them in one place.

Need ab workouts to do on the run when you can’t stream YouTube videos? Check out the Perfect Abs with 35 AB %26 cardio routines DVD. It has tons of different moves that deliver fabulous results.

1. 7 Tips to a Flat Stomach in 7 Days! by Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels 14

This isn’t an exercise tutorial, but it’s full of great tips to help get you in the right direction in achieving your goals of killer abs! I actually learned some great stuff from this one, so make sure to watch it to the end!

2. 8 Minute Ab Workout by FitnessBlender

What I love about this one is that it uses “frog leg crunches”, which are much easier for me to handle than classic sit-ups. And at only 8 minutes, I can easily squeeze this routine in while my daughter is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

3. How to Lose Belly Fat: 5 Minute Abs by XHIT Daily

This workout only has 5 exercises, and each of them only takes ONE MINUTE to do. Who can argue with that??!

4.10 Minute Standing Abs Workout by FitnessBlender

If you hate doing situps as much as I do, you will LOVE this workout. Seriously.

5. The 7 Best Ab Exercises by XHIT Daily

Want to make your own ab workout routine? Then watch this video for some great ideas on exercises that REALLY target your abs!

6. 10 Minute Ab and Oblique Exercises by FitnessBlender

If you have 10 minutes, I highly recommend this video. The exercises are straightforward and really give your abs and obliques a workout, and one 10-minute session burns about 70 calories. Pretty amazing, right??!

7. 8 Minute Ab Workout For Six-Pack Abs by passion4profession

If you need recovery sessions built into your exercise routine, this 8-minute workout is for you!!

8. Total Ab Workout: No More Muffin Top by XHIT Daily

Who doesn’t want to get rid of their muffin top??!

9. Crunch-Free Ab Workout Routine by FitnessBlender

If the mere thought of doing crunches makes you want to cry, this workout is just what you need to get killer abs!

10. 7 Exercises For A Flat Stomach At Home by Glamrs.com

I love this workout. The moves are great and the results are worth it!


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