#2013alive: Looking Ahead to Next Week's Goal – Eating Together as a Family


#2013alive: Looking Ahead to Next Week\'s Goal - Eating Together as a Family

It’s the end of month 2, week 1 of our 12 Months of Wellness. While showing our loved ones we care, we’re also thinking ahead to next week.

We’re just wrapping up month two, week 1 of our 12 Months of Wellness. This month we’re focusing on creating healthy family ties, so week one’s goal was to show our loved ones we care about them.

On Monday we talked about the five love languages, and on Wednesday alive staff (anonymously) shared their personal experiences of showing and receiving love. How did you do with this week’s goal? We’d love to hear from you!

Now we’re prepping for next week, which is all about eating—eating together as a family that is. Studies have shown that when families eat dinner together, they eat healthier. Children tend to eat more vegetables and fruit and drink less pop. Eating together also fosters healthy child development, better school performance, and improved communication.

Start to think about how you might make this work in your household. Consider different activities, work schedules, et cetera to figure out a time that meshes with your family’s obligations. Dinnertime might not be the best option for many families, with hockey practice, dance class, and piano lessons taking up most evenings. If this is the case, eat breakfast together instead!

To get you thinking about how you’ll make regular family meals together a reality, check out the following alive articles:

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  • “Kid-Friendly Breakfasts”

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