Smile: It's Positive Thinking Day!


Smile: It\'s Positive Thinking Day!

No grumpy faces allowed! Celebrate Positive Thinking Day on September 13 by beaming, grinning, and smiling.

Today is Friday the 13th (dun, dun, duuun), but we’re going to focus on a less foreboding topic: September 13 is also Positive Thinking Day!

We know optimism is good for us. Studies have suggested that a positive outlook is one predictor of a long life and can contribute to the health of our hearts and immune function.

But it’s so easy to cling to negative thoughts: “traffic isn’t moving; I spilled coffee on my clean work pants; no one said hello when I walked into the office.” While we might have to resign ourselves to a few unsightly coffee stains, our mindsets are malleable.

Today, let’s resolve to make positivity a choice. I’m pretty much the grumpiest morning person ever, but listening to cheerful-cheesy pop songs turned getting dressed into an impromptu dance party. Find what works for you, from reflecting on happy parts of your day to taking time for yoga or reading.

Still stuck in the mindset of a party pooper, Debbie downer, or spoilsport? Cheer up with some alive tips to channel your inner optimist!

  • Look on the bright side
  • Power up with 10 strategies for positivity
  • Attract a positive state of mind
  • Embrace the three essentials of happiness

How do you stay positive when things just aren’t going right (say, when every beverage/meal seems determined to end up on your clothes)? Laughing, listening to music, journaling—let us know what brightens your day in the comments below, or visit our Facebook and Twitter.


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