Gazpacho May Help Prevent Hypertension


Gazpacho May Help Prevent Hypertension

The main ingredients in this Mediterranean dish have been associated to lower risk of hypertension.

The benefits of a Mediterranean diet have been studied for some time, particularly in respect to its potential to mitigate risks associated with cardiovascular disease. Foods such as tomato, cucumber, olive oil, and garlic have been associated with reduced arterial pressure, which can help prevent hypertension. New research has discovered that regular consumption of these ingredients in the form of gazpacho maintains these benefits, despite the presence of salt.
Hypertension is a condition that is estimated to affect 25 percent of adult populations and is significant risk factor for heart attacks and strokes, which are the leading causes of death in western populations.
The recent study looked at the gazpacho consumption of 3,995 individuals as part of a larger European study that aims to assess how a Mediterranean diet can prevent cardiovascular disease. Researchers were initially skeptical of the efficacy of gazpacho, given the presence of salt, but it turns out the bioactive ingredients of the dish may counteract the effects of salt on blood pressure.
Researchers suggest that the main benefits come from the nutrients that include carotenes, vitamin C, and polyphenols. And in some cases, regular consumption of gazpacho may reduce the risk of developing hypertension up to 27 percent.
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