#2013alive: Prep for Next Week – Connect with Nature!


#2013alive: Prep for Next Week - Connect with Nature!

May’s clutter-calming 12 Months of Wellness is ending, so now it’s time to prepare to get some green in June!

Wow! Half of our 12 Months of Wellness is already behind us, leaving our social lives fuller, our goals realized, our fitness routines refined, and so much more.
We’re only half done, though, so before the dust stirred up from our month of decluttering even settles, let’s get ready for our first week of month six—June!
Connect with Nature
The days are getting longer, the sun is making its appearance, and summer is on its way, so June is the perfect time to shake of the last vestiges of our winter hibernation and reconnect with nature.
Here are some ways we can get ready for next week:

  • Now that the shoe closet’s organized, it’s time to bust out the runners for weeks one and two, when we aim to spend a day outdoors and take a walking lunch break.
  • Take a look at your garden for week three, because that’s when we’re getting our green thumbs dirty. Decide how much space you have and what you want to plant in it. Don’t have a yard? Then it’s time to get creative and determine the best alternative spaces, such as balconies, windowsills, or patios.
  • For week four, we’re going green indoors. It’s time to decide your favourite indoor plants and where you can best place them.

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