4 Ways to Celebrate Organic Week: September 21 to 28


4 Ways to Celebrate Organic Week: September 21 to 28

It’s Organic Week! Learn all about why organics are awesome and how you can get in on the festivities.

Here at alive, we’re celebrating Organic Week! Sponsored by the Canadian Organic Growers, the Canada Organic Trade Association (COTA), and the Canadian Health Food Association, Organic Week is a great opportunity to learn more about the food we eat and products we buy. Here are four ways to get in on the action!
1. Learn the benefits of organic
Think you know why organics are so amazing?  Test your knowledge with these alive blog posts and articles to find out more:

    • New Canadian Literature Review Warns Against Pesticides
    • Is Organic Better?
    • The Meaning of “Natural”
    • 20 Ways to Save on Food

2. Go shopping!
Now that you’re well versed in all the benefits of organics, why not drop by your local natural health retailer and stock up? They might also have some festivities planned for the week. Not sure where to head? Use the “find a retailer” search tool on the bottom right corner of our website’s home page.
3. Find an event near you
Check out the Organic Week 2013 website to find an event near you. Some of the events planned include:

  • dialogues, discussions, and movie nights
  • cooking classes and workshops
  • organic and raw dinners; breakfasts; food samplings; and special menus from certain restaurants and chefs
  • farm tours
  • specials, deals, and giveaways at various health food stores

4. Spread the word!
Tell your friends, family, neighbours, and fellow shoppers in person, on Twitter (twitter.com/OrganicWeek), or on Facebook (facebook.com/organicweek). Plus, check out the Organic Week website: organicweek.ca.
While you’re at it, let us know why you love organics (and Organic Week!) by leaving us a comment on Facebook, by sending us a Tweet, or by commenting below.


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