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Conscious Breathing

Reducing stress, sleeping better or relieving pain - all may be as simple as becoming conscious of our breath. Deep breathing techniques can change our life!Breathing is absolutely essential to life,

Know Which Dairy Foods Are Good for Bones

Some dairy foods offer more health benefits than others. Which ones should you look to?Osteoporosis can be a preventable condition, given proper attention to nutritional and lifestyle factors that may

Give Your Bedroom Some Love

A bedroom can be so much more than just a place to sleep. With the right lighting, colours, and textures, you can turn your bedroom into a romantic sanctuary.Redesigning your bedroom may be the secret

Reclaim Sunrise

Several years ago during a conversation with a friend I realised I was not a member of the early risers club. “I find the time just before sunset to be the best for taking photographs”, I said. “That,

Will Climate Change Threaten Our Beloved Maple Syrup? It's Hard to Tell

A new report based on 50 years of climate data suggests we’re not taking into account all the concomitant effects of climate change, leaving us unprepared to manage them.Ecologists everywhere are moni