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High-fat Dairy May Pose Risks to Breast Cancer Survival

High-fat dairy products are generally not recommended in a healthy diet, but new research shows that there may be specific risks associated with people who have breast cancer.A recent study has identi

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Plantar fasciitis is not an enjoyable injury to have. If you’ve noticed a sharp pain at the bottom of your foot, mostly

The Negative Effects of Light Pollution

In our primeval days, nocturnal carnivores prowled through the inky black of our nights. Early humans, unsurprisingly, developed an instinctive fear of the dark. Then, after a long dark age, we took w

Intuitive Eating for Beginners: 14 Tips to Fuel Your Body without Guilt

We grow up with the notion of dieting all around us. From ads to movies, to friends and family, society has created a co

Healthy and Filling: 44 Baked Salmon Recipes for Weight Loss

Salmon is highly nutritious and offers so many health benefits. Its rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B, high in p