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Will Climate Change Threaten Our Beloved Maple Syrup? It's Hard to Tell

A new report based on 50 years of climate data suggests we’re not taking into account all the concomitant effects of climate change, leaving us unprepared to manage them.Ecologists everywhere are moni

What's Behind the Label?

If you feel confused when you read food labels, you\'re not alone. We explain nutrition claims, food labels, and the nutrition facts table.A typical trip to the grocery store can be overwhelming as you

Toxins Found in Men's Skin Care Products

Environmental Defence is examining toxins in men’s personal care products. So guys - listen up!Women’s skin care products and cosmetics have been getting a lot of attention these days, for containing

Why Do Elite Athletes Get Sick Before Critical Events?

When athletes travel long distances, the perception is that the air travel may be responsible. But new research suggests it’s the new environment that may be responsible.It’s the worst time of an athl

Insight from Vancouver's Eco Fashion Week

Check out what we learned at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week about the ugly side of the fashion industry, and how we can make a difference.Myriam Laroche, President and Founder of Vancouver Eco Fashion Wee