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When Food Disagrees

Classic food allergies occur in only about 2 per cent of adults. Children have a higher incidence of food allergies (estimated at about 5 per cent), but the majority of adverse reactions to foods are

The Meaning of "Natural"

When you pick up a product labelled \"natural,\" do you know what it really means? Sometimes \"natural\" is anything but.Ask a dozen people to define “natural” and you’ll end up with a dozen answers. “Nat

The Power of Purple Foods

Eating well includes eating the colours of the rainbow, according to nutritionists. The dark purple foods on that colourful spectrum have a rich concentration of healthy antioxidants and vital flavono

Sexy and Sculpted: 7 Shoulder and Back Workouts for Women

Shoulder and back workouts are essential if you want to lose weight and tone up. Not only are they great for aesthetic p

Rapid Urbanization Will Require Cities to Work Together

As the world’s population transitions to urban city areas, sustainable initiatives need to consider issues beyond their borders.In 2011 the United Nations reported that for the first time, more than h