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Cooking with Diabetes Superfoods

Foods that rate low on the glycemic index are excellent choices for all of us, but especially for diabetics. Try making our diabetes superfoods recipes.When it comes to managing diabetes, the best def

Yoga for Sound Slumber

Having trouble sleeping? Before you spend another night tossing and turning, try doing these yoga poses and deep breathing exercises before going to bed.Those who suffer from insomnia are familiar wit

Cravings: Silent Torment or Blessing in Disguise?

Sugar, chocolate, or salt cravings are really your body telling you it has a deficiency you need to pay attention to.Lisa Kilgour, RHN, loves teaching and helping people find their own health through

Homeopathy Deciphered

Homeopathy is often regarded as a new form of alternative medicine that’s gradually gaining popularity. However, it once played a prominent role in conventional medicine.In the US, a large memorial au

Are Kids Losing Their Space to Play?

How do our children’s community spaces compare to those of previous generations?Too much artificial space?According to a recent media release from Play Association Tower Hamlets (PATH), which has rece