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High-fat Dairy May Pose Risks to Breast Cancer Survival

High-fat dairy products are generally not recommended in a healthy diet, but new research shows that there may be specific risks associated with people who have breast cancer.A recent study has identi

Tendon Trouble

Inflamed tendons, or tendinitis, can be very painful. Learn how to avoid and treat tendinitis naturally.Tendons are essential for every movement we make. Inflamed tendons, or tendinitis, can be very p

Rapid Urbanization Will Require Cities to Work Together

As the worldÂ’s population transitions to urban city areas, sustainable initiatives need to consider issues beyond their borders.In 2011 the United Nations reported that for the first time, more than h

The Best Ingredients for Ageing Skin

Every day we shed thousands of skin cells. Give your body the nutritional and antioxidant support it needs to replenish your skin for a healthier, more youthful look from head to toe.The importance of

How to Get Over a Weight Loss Plateau: 9 Effective Tips For Women

When you first set out to lose weight, youll probably notice that the pounds initially come off quite easily. By cleanin