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Grow Your Own Sprouts From Home

DIY sprouts are an easy and interactive way to get your veggie fix.Today is National Water a Flower Day, so take a moment to appreciate the plants in your life.Although taking the day off to traipse t

20 Guilt-Free Keto Coconut Flour Recipes Worth Trying

If you’re on the keto diet, coconut flour is about to become your new favourite ingredient. Low in carbs, and high in nu

Tea Time

Enjoying a steaming cup of tea is a relaxing ritual. But tea not only relieves stress, it also promotes hearth health and protects against cancer.Wars have been waged over it; ceremonies are devoted t

Nutrition for Seniors

Seniors, especially those who live alone, may not eat properly. Adding 30 grams of protein to each meal is a simple way to improve a senior\'s quality of life.There’s a reason older adults commonly lov

Going, Going, Gone

A host of reasons have led to a severe decline in many of Canada\'s bird species. Birds are at risk due to habitat loss, climate change, collisions, and cats.Canada is home to over 450 native bird spec