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Wildlife Wednesday: California Condor

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the California condor, and why we should care about ugly animals too.According to one theory, cute animals are the ones that are most likely to be targeted by cons

26 Calcium Rich Foods To Eat For Better Bone Health

If youre looking for a list of calcium rich foods to add to your diet, youve come to the right place!While most of us kn

How Olive Oil Helps Us Feel Full

Thinking that choosing only nonfat options will help you reach your weight loss goals? Think again! New research shows how olive oil can help us feel full.Think that choosing only non-fat options will

Dangers of Releasing Invasive Species into the Environment

Releasing animals into the environment can harm the ecosystem if the animal is an invasive species. Learn what to do instead in this post.Releasing pets and other animals into the environment could po

Quitting Smoking Can Reduce Anxiety

Even though smokers may feel that smoking calms them, quitting smoking actually reduces anxiety.If you need another reason to put down that cigarette, here it is: even though smokers may feel that smo