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45 High Protein Vegan Meals to Satiate Your Hunger

Adopting a vegan diet is becoming more and more mainstream. With so many health and environmental benefits, it’s unsurpr

Detergent Dangers – Single-Use Capsules Look Like Candy to Kids

Concentrated liquid dishwasher or laundry detergent capsules that are brightly coloured have been causing serious injury to small children who mistake them for candy.If you have young children, beware

Natural Help for Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety can take many forms from generalized anxiety disorder to post-traumatic stress disorder. Lifestyle changes, herbs, and supplements offer relief.It’s human to periodically feel and experience a

10 Foods for a Healthier Smile

Our teeth are what we eat, say dental care experts. For healthier teeth and a whiter smile, munch on these 10 foods.Almost everyone—99.7 percent of adults surveyed, to be precise—thinks their smiles a

#2013alive: Next Week: Update Your Resumé

Keeping your resumé up to date can be useful whether you’re job hunting or seeking a raise or promotion.Where did this week go? I hope you’ve made time to review your work goals and set some new ones.