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Cardio Kickboxing

Where were you when Jean-Claude Van Damme roundhouse kicked his first coconut in half or for Keanu Reeves’ slow-motion leg sweep? Chances are you were in a cinema watching them. But there is a plethor

You Are Getting Healthy

Ancient civilizations often practised hypnosis during religious and ritualistic ceremonies. Today we know that hypnosis is more than ceremonial with the value of hypnotherapy confirmed by scientific s

Something in the Air

Air pollution isn\'t just bad for the environment--it\'s also full of toxins that can lead to lung diseases and cancer.Air pollution is a well-known cause of chronic health problems including asthma, br

Healing After Birth: 17 Postpartum Recovery Tips for New Moms

If you are pregnant and about to have a baby, postpartum recovery tips may be on your mind pretty frequently. From the g

Wildlife Wednesday: National Wildlife Week

This Wildlife Wednesday, we\'re switching things up a bit. Learn about National Wildlife Week!For today’s Wildlife Wednesday post, we’re switching things up a bit, by celebrating National Wildlife Week