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Protect Yourself During Tick Season

Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones who love the warm, sunny weather. Tick season is upon us, so be sure to know how to protect yourself - and your family members.The first time I saw a tick was ab

Healthy Gums

Need a reason to smile? Keeping our gums healthy can be as easy as eating the right foods and practising good oral hygiene.Healthy mouths begin with healthy gums. Unfortunately, 70 percent of us will

Why Not Try Plyometrics?

Was your response to the title of this article, “Because I have no idea what plyometrics are\"? Well, don’t feel too badly—you’re not alone. But this type of training, designed for athletes, may just b

101 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar That Will Blow Your Mind

Did you know one of the most pungent products in your cupboard is also the most beneficial? Apple cider vinegar has the

Celebrate Natural Health Products with NHP Week

November 12 to 18 is Natural Health Product Week. Find out how you can get involved and celebrate!Next week is Natural Health Product (NHP) Week. Organized by the Canadian Health Food Association (CHF