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#2013alive: Prep for Buying Natural Products Next Week

For week 1 of July #2013alive, we ditched our cars in favour of walking, biking, or taking transit. Now, we’re getting ready for next week - choosing natural products.We’re nearly done week 1 of July’

Being – and Staying – Fit May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

New research shows that regular exercise, from mild to intense, can reduce breast cancer risk, even after menopause. But significant weight gain may cancel this out.Have you heard before that a health

Feet 1st

Diabetes can make it harder to feel - and heal - foot problems. If you suffer from diabetes, check your feet daily and pamper your tootsies.Having diabetes means you’re more likely to experience probl

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been around since ancient times. Read on to discover why herbs and herbal remedies are gaining popularity again.Herbal medicine may seem hip and new to many, but archeological exca

Your Body Clock

Our health - physical and mental - can be impacted when our body\'s natural circadian rhythms are thrown out of kilter. Keep your body clock on time with natural solutions.Birds have them. Bees have th