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Mindfulness Meditation Helps Older Adults Battle Loneliness

A new study suggests that mindfulness meditation training may reduce older adults’ feelings of loneliness as well as inflammatory disease risk.For most of us who lead busy lives, feeling lonely is sel

Explore Hypnosis on World Hypnotism Day

While hypnosis is growing in popularity, many myths still abound. World Hypnotism Day is a great time to learn more about it.Today is World Hypnotism Day! To many people the word hypnotism conjures up

The Negative Effects of Light Pollution

In our primeval days, nocturnal carnivores prowled through the inky black of our nights. Early humans, unsurprisingly, developed an instinctive fear of the dark. Then, after a long dark age, we took w

Healthy Smoothies

Sure, you can throw anything you want into a smoothie, but with our tips and recipes, you\'ll be able to build a better smoothie.Smoothies provide on-the-go convenience. Don’t have time for breakfast?

How to Get Bikini Ready Fast: 10 Tips and Tricks That Work!

A holiday by the sun requires cute beach towels, lots of SPF and of course a few beautiful bikinis. If you’re not quite