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15 crazy fun baby shower games

A friend of mine recently announced that shes expecting her first child, and while I often feel like Im a million years

Dangers of the "Dog Days"

The dog days of summer are fast approaching, so make sure that your pet pooch is safe from the dangers these summers can en‘tail’.I am an unabashed dog-lover. To me, wearing fur on my clothes to work

Without Insects Plants Lose to Natural Selection

A five-year study looks at how an absence of insects affects the genetic traits of evening primrose.For many of us, when we think of insects, negative words such as “pests” or “bugs” (as in “quit bugg

7 Gout Remedies to Prevent and Relieve Pain Quickly

If you’ve ever suffered a gout attack, you know how completely terrible they can be. From burning and swelling, to excru

Couple’s Night In: 33 Budget-Friendly At Home Date Night Ideas

If youre looking for at home date night ideas to enjoy with your significant other when going out isnt an option, weve g