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IT band syndrome is a health issue that results in pain on the outside of the knee. While it often affects runners, hike

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As much as we parents tend to focus on sleeping through the night as our main goal, it’s key to remember that sleepless

Read the Label

Do you automatically assume that muesli or frozen yoghurt is healthy? Learn how to read the label to make healthy food choices.If you’re trying to eat clean, some products that you consider healthy ma

Vitamin D 101: 6 Vitamin D Deficiency Remedies for Women

While vitamin D deficiency is quite common, the symptoms can be subtle and easily overlooked. This can be problematic in

#2013alive: After a Successful First Month, We Look Ahead to Month 2!

It’s the end of our first month - of 12 Months of Wellness. Let’s recap what we’ve done so far … and take a peek at what’s coming in our 2nd month of wellness.Well, we’ve come to the end of the first