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Sleep: Spring Cleaning for the Brain?

Could it be time for a nap? A new study shows us how catching a few winks really can help clear our thoughts.We’re all well aware how important sleep is.  Not getting the recommended eight hours or so

Revive in Five Week Three – Extend and Strengthen

It’s week three of the CHFA’s Revive in Five Challenge and, this week, we’re focusing on bone, joint, and muscle health.This past weekend, I finished up week two of the Canadian Health Food Associatio

Something in the Air

Air pollution isn\'t just bad for the environment--it\'s also full of toxins that can lead to lung diseases and cancer.Air pollution is a well-known cause of chronic health problems including asthma, br

Wildlife Wednesday: Black Bear

This Wildlife Wednesday, test your knowledge about our familiar North American black bear.Living in Canada, many of us have encountered a black bear at some point, whether on vacation, or even rummagi

The Galveston Diet for Beginners: 8 Things to Eat and Avoid

Weight gain is common for middle-aged women, particularly around the time of menopause. The Galveston diet aims to rever