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Revive in Five Week Two – Get Pumping!

Week two for the CHFA’s heart-pumping Revive in Five really does get the heart pumping! Check out some tips to improve your heart’s health.Last week, the Canadian Health Food Association’s (CHFA) Revi

Wildlife Wednesday: Great White Shark

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the great white shark, and why sharks are more threatened by us than we are by them.We’ve seen the great white shark on film and in the media for years, portrayed

Researchers Use Economic and Social Factors to Predict Olympic Medal Counts

Based on factors such as population base and wealth, economists predict China to edge out the US in this year’s Olympic Games.The Olympics will be under way next week in London, and economists at Ruhr

Feet 1st

Diabetes can make it harder to feel - and heal - foot problems. If you suffer from diabetes, check your feet daily and pamper your tootsies.Having diabetes means you’re more likely to experience probl

Improve Your Mood: 8 Ways to Boost Dopamine Naturally

Dopamine is a chemical messenger in the brain thats responsible for motivation, mood, sleep and behavioural regulation.