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The Art of Persuasion

Persuading our loved ones to make healthy choices is an art. Our approach can encourage or alienate them. Here\'s how to be helpful, not pushy or preachy.It can be tricky to encourage the people you ca

Just Add Water

Water, water everywhere - and so many possibilities to spruce up today’s helpings of hydration.When I’m dripping with sweat after a workout, nothing tastes sweeter than a sip (or guzzle) of water. Oth

5 Benefits of Strength Training for Weight Loss & How to Get Started

Pre-pandemic, strength training was never part of my weekly workout routine. While I longed for toned arms and 6-pack ab

7 tips and tricks to help you survive sleep training

It was 4 am on a rainy Tuesday morning the first time I ever read a blog post, and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Seniors Benefit From Drinking Water Together

Improving our health can be more beneficial when done with others.Sometimes improving our health with others can be more effective than doing so alone. In a recent study funded by the Economic and Soc