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Sensitive to Scents

It can hit you like a wall: the overpowering odour of too much perfume. For those who are sensitive to scent, hidden scents can also pose a variety of health problems.Have you noticed lately that almo

Top Supplements for Women, for International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day! What better day for us to blog about a few of the top supplements that help promote women’s health?Today is International Women’s Day!Every year on March 8, events are

New Federal Government Plan to Save Threatened Alberta Caribou: Fence Them In

Ottawa suggests fencing large tracts of land and culling predatory wolves to mitigate losses of Alberta woodland caribou caused by oil sands development.In July we told you about Alberta woodland cari

Type 2 Diabetes

Too much time spent sitting and eating high-sugar foods can set us up for type 2 diabetes. Did you know that a blood sugar imbalance can be a serious health threat?It’s well known that North America i

The Heart Health Myths You Should Stop Believing

Many commonly held beliefs about heart health are actually myths. You won\'t miss a beat when we get to the bottom of these 10 common heart health myths.Cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke