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Cooking with Diabetes Superfoods

Foods that rate low on the glycemic index are excellent choices for all of us, but especially for diabetics. Try making our diabetes superfoods recipes.When it comes to managing diabetes, the best def

The Power of the Pen – or the Keyboard?

Journaling is therapeutic, whether you\'re putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard key.Years of research back the simple act of writing as a powerful form of therapy. When we write, we are able to t

Good and Bad News for North American Crop Diversity

There’s good and bad news when it comes to our crop diversity here in North America.We know that biodiversity is Mother Nature’s way of protecting us from a global food shortage, because if there are

Coping with Cancer

Cancer patients often feel a loss of control over their health. Thankfully, nutrition, exercise, emotional support, and integrative care all help patients cope.The word “cancer” is fraught with emotio

Rapid Urbanization Will Require Cities to Work Together

As the world’s population transitions to urban city areas, sustainable initiatives need to consider issues beyond their borders.In 2011 the United Nations reported that for the first time, more than h