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Leisure-Time Physical Activity = Longer Life

Regular physical activity can give us to up to 4.5 years of extra life, according to a new study by the National Cancer Institute in the US.How we fill our off-work hours can definitely make a differe

Echinacea's Flu-Fighting Abilities Praised by Recent Research

This week, as the final installment of out four-part series about echinacea for the flu, we discuss the results of another study.Is the flu quieting down across Canada? Not so fast—experts predict ano

Olympic Athletes Who See Red May See Defeat

Some research suggests that athletes who wear red may have an advantage over other athletes. The research hasn’t raised any red flags yet, but Canadians can always hope!If you’re seeing red right now,

Organization Ideas for Moms: 25 Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier!

Being a mom is a tough gig. You never get to clock out and you have to clean up after your boss all the time. As moms, w

Wildlife Wednesday: African Wild Dog

This Wildlife Wednesday learn about the African wild dog. It may be a highly efficient hunter, but it’s caring and cooperative in its pack.The African wild dog may be a highly efficient hunter, but it