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Is Your Relationship Floundering? Turn Off Your TV!

The more people believe in the portrayals of romance on TV, the less likely they are to be happy in their own relationships, according to a new study.Sure, we all know that having a partner who loves

Catch Up With The Tenors

Find out what\'s new with The Tenors, and enter to win their latest CD, Lead With Your Heart.The first time I met The Tenors was in 2008 when they performed in Calgary. Known then as The Canadian Tenor

Deal With Conflict

Conflict arises in most relationships at some time, but men\'s genetic encoding may keep their emotions aroused longer. Men can learn how to deal with conflict.“Most men care deeply about their familie

Natural Health Products Week

Celebrate Natural Health Products Week from November 3 to 9 and raise awareness of NHPs.Celebrating Natural Health Products (NHP) Week this month is especially fitting because 2014 marks the end of a

What You Should Know About Heart Burn

When heartburn strikes, try a natural remedy. Simple lifestyle changes, such as learning which foods to eat and which to avoid, can help ease the pain.Most of us have experienced the pain and discomfo