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Olympic Inspiration: How Can Playing Badminton Help Your Brain?

While we enjoy the spectacle of the Olympic Games, we should remember that if we engage in many of the featured sports we can help ward off dementia.Many of us are enjoying the spectacle of world-clas

#2013alive: Check Out Our alive Vision Boards

Have you made your vision board? How did it go? Here are our alive vision boards, and what we have to say about them.April’s 12 Months of Wellness theme is finding our bliss, and our week 4 goal is to

Battling Rosacea?

Need relief for the redness and swelling caused by rosacea? Pycnogenol, arnica, and calendula provide natural skin care options for treating this common skin condition.Rosacea is a very common conditi

48 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes for Weight Loss

Whether you bake, roast, air fry or throw them in a casserole, there are plenty of delicious ways to enjoy sweet potatoe

Wake Up on the Right Side

What position do you find most comfortable for sleeping? Some sleeping positions are healthier than others, and some can be harmful.Most of us know that a solid night’s sleep is crucial when it comes