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When Food Disagrees

Classic food allergies occur in only about 2 per cent of adults. Children have a higher incidence of food allergies (estimated at about 5 per cent), but the majority of adverse reactions to foods are

Paper Waste May Provide an Economical and Environmental Building Brick

As we look for ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce, researchers are also look to repurpose industrial paper waste.Paper consumption is a huge concern in our modern society, especially during

Constipation in Children: 8 Tips to Relieve Childhood Constipation

If you told my 20-something self I would one day be writing a post about childhood constipation, I wouldn’t have believe

#2013alive: Time to Hit the Books?

This week, we’re upgrading our skills by attending professional events or seminars, or by signing up for an online course!Last week for our 12 Months of Wellness, we brought our resumés and portfolios

Wildlife Wednesday: Ringed Seal

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the adorable ringed seal and why it’s threatened by climate change and human activity.Habitat: the Northern Hemisphere’s circumpolar oceans, and some lakes and riv