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#2013alive: Start Right by Eating a Balanced Breakfast Every Day

Week 1 of #2013alive focuses on eating breakfast every day. Tell us how you’re going to do it!Welcome to week 1 of our 12 Months of Wellness!My challengeThis week is all about eating a balanced breakf

Fashionable & Dangerous

Formerly reserved for the beach and locker room, thongs (or jandals as our New Zealand neighbours call them) have been bedazzled and upscaled. They’re sold in some of the most expensive shoe stores, a

EWG to Release Cleaners Database

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is preparing to release a database of home cleaners. Their preview is available now for consumers.If, like us here at alive, you’re a fan of the Environmental Wor

Mushroom Power

Medicinal mushrooms are powerful immune stimulants that have been used in Asia for thousands of years. Discover the benefits of shiitake, reishi, and more.Mushrooms have been eaten for thousands of ye

Emotional Eater? 9 Ways to Stop Boredom Eating One and For All

If you want to know how to overcome unhealthy eating habits fuelled by emotions like stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, an