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10 Tips for Heart Health

In the quest to maintain a healthy heart, we’re bombarded with terms such as blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI. Don’t be daunted by terminology—as we take the guesswork out of heart health. 01Monito

How to Get Rid of a Migraine: 9 Natural Remedies That Work Fast

If you’ve ever experienced a migraine, you know how dreadful they can be. A headache is bad enough, but add severe pain,

Badnight Moon

A full moon may not induce howling, but new research suggests it might keep us up at night.I blame the odd sleepless night on plenty of things: the neighbours’ crying baby kept me up; raccoons rustled

Paper Waste May Provide an Economical and Environmental Building Brick

As we look for ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce, researchers are also look to repurpose industrial paper waste.Paper consumption is a huge concern in our modern society, especially during

The Aging of Agriculture

Seventy percent of Canadian farmers will retire within 10 years, changing the face of agriculture in Canada. New farming concepts are drawing young farmers back to the land.Does an aging population of