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Cancer-related Fatigue

Cancer patients can take steps to manage cancer-related fatigue and improve their quality of life.Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is one of the most common chronic symptoms and side effects of many cance

10 Energy Boosters

If you\'re feeling slightly sluggish, take note. Our 10 simple tips will boost your energy levels and increase your get up and go!How energetic are you? Are you a morning person who bounces out of bed

Grow Your Own Garlic

We think of fall as harvest time, but when it comes to growing garlic, it\'s planting time. It\'s easy to grow this delicious and therapeutic plant.The cloves left in a bulb of garlic I had sitting on t

High-fat Dairy May Pose Risks to Breast Cancer Survival

High-fat dairy products are generally not recommended in a healthy diet, but new research shows that there may be specific risks associated with people who have breast cancer.A recent study has identi

Middle Age and Fabulous! 7 Workouts for Women Over 50

For many women, maintaining a healthy weight or losing excess body fat becomes harder as you age. Your body begins to ch