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All About Phobias

Heights, spiders, snakes, or open spaces - these common phobias impact one in 10 Canadians. What causes phobias? And how can they be overcome?Tammy Wells has a spider phobia. “It is not a rational fea

10 at-home prenatal yoga workouts

If youre looking for ways to promote relaxation and a sense of calm to help you deal with the discomforts of pregnancy,

How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety: 6 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Life can be stressful, and there are times when stress and anxiety will be more crippling than others. Whether it’s due

#2013alive: Look Ahead – Go Green Indoors!

It’s time to look ahead to week 4 of June #alive2013, when we head inside to bring nature into our homes.This week for June’s 12 Months of Wellness, we flexed our green thumbs by planting some greener

Take a Walk on the Mild Side

Can we stroll our way to good health? (New studies say yes!)Yesterday, I drove to the gym—in order to walk and jog on the treadmill. If this still seems reasonable, let’s consider that my gym is a 10-