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Sharing Backyard Gardens

A new community project is providing gardening space to people without a yard. Sharing Backyards matches yard owners with potential gardeners.With spring on the horizon, gardeners are planning for the

#2013alive: Get Ready to Compost

Food waste is no fun - next week we’re turning our leftovers into compost, to avoid unnecessary landfill pileup.Now that we\'ve said no to purchasing heavily packaged items, it’s time to continue on Ju

Aquatic Exercise and Cancer

Aquatic exercise offers a ton of physical and psychological benefits for cancer survivors - and it’s fun!Dale Ischia, CSEP, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, specializes in exercise rehabilitation for

Workplace Burnout a Predictor for Heart Disease?

Researchers say working long hours in a stressful environment may be a better predictor of heart health than smoking, blood lipid levels, and exercise.We spend almost a third of our adult lives at wor

30 Portable Snacks Under 100 Calories for Weight Loss

Snacking and weight loss may seem like they clash, but if you snack right, it can actually help you lose weight, keeping