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#2013alive: Learn about Your Community

This week, we’re learning about the many events, meet ups, and activities that our communities have to offer.Our calendars have flipped over to August, which means a new goal for our 12 Months of Well

Got Back Pain? Buckle up!

For those suffering from lower back pain, a trip on the roller coaster might just be what the doctor ordered - and, no, we’re not kidding.A 2008 report released by Statistics Canada paints a rather gl

How to Get Rid of Psoriasis: 9 Tips and Remedies to Try

If you want to know how to get rid of psoriasis, this post is a great place to start! While there is no known cure for p

Plant-Based Fuel

Harness the power of plants to fuel your workout. Potato protein isolate, coconut water, and beet juice help you get maximum benefits from your workout.It’s a common misconception that sports nutritio

What You Should Know About Heart Burn

When heartburn strikes, try a natural remedy. Simple lifestyle changes, such as learning which foods to eat and which to avoid, can help ease the pain.Most of us have experienced the pain and discomfo